Aemme Recording Studios is a recording studio located in the Como lake area.

The studio is equipped with a mix of high quality analogue gear and digital technology, which guarantees a professional sound result.
The immediately recognizable sound, warm and dynamic, is our “ID Card”.
The philosophy of “Aemme Recording Studios” is to work in close contact with you, following your needs with flexibility, offering tailored-to-client services, creating high-end products with a recognizable unique sound.

The studio was conceived with acoustically treated rooms for recording, mixing and mastering.
We also offer online mixing and mastering services, saving you time and traveling costs. To ensure the best results for your project – you can follow the all work process via Skype.

We also offer other services such as:

  • Artistic production
  • Arrangements
  • Session musicians
  • Promotion

We collaborate with top national and international professionals that assist us delivering the best possible service.

Attention to your musical requirements, in tune with your needs, results-oriented approach, competence, a sound that makes it’s mark: all this and much more is “Aemme Recording Studios”.