We offer both in house and online Mixing services

What do we offer?

  • Professional Mixing, using an SSL 4000G+ console and high profile outboard gear
  • An expert sound engineer, who has worked with international artists like, among others, Scott Russo (Unwritten Law), Micheal Vescera, etc. and has mixed over 700 songs
  • Professional editing
  • Vocals tuning
  • professional and international sound

How much does online Mixing cost?

  • Up to 20 tracks € 150,00
  • From 21 to 60 tracks € 200,00
  • Over 60 tracks € 300,00

How much does in house Mixing cost?

  • Fill up the form aside with as much information as possible about your project. We’ll get back to you with a free quotation

How does online Mixing work?

  • Get in touch with us (you can use the box aside)
  • Send us your tracks via Wetransfer, Dropbox, etc.
  • Send us and E-mail at the following address info@aemmerecordingstudios.com with the following info: specify the files format (e.g. Wave, 24bit, 44.100) and inform us if you use a different one. Insert a web link or attach a song (Mp3) to be used as reference and to inspire the sound of you Mix. If possible, send us a Rough Mix to help us understand your vision of general balance of the track.

If something is not clear and you’d like further information, fill up the form aside or call us, we’ll be happy to explain everything in great detail.

Listen to some of our Mixes in the “Listen” section.

Fill out the box on the right or call us for more information about our services and recording facility